Not All Dumplings Are Made Equal..

Why choose Silk Road Food’s Dumplings?

Here are a few reasons that set us apart from other manufacturers; 1) high fill ratio of 70%, 2) dumplings/potstickers standing upright position on the conveyor during steaming and freezing process and 3) broken dumplings are filtered out during final packaging stage.

  1. Our dumplings typically have approximately 70% fill ratio, which means you’re tasting more of our filling rather than the taste of dough.  Some of our competitors are known to have 50% dough
  2. Our dumplings are standing upright on the conveyor belt while going through steamer and tunnel freezer.  Why is this important?  If dumplings/potsticker are lying sideways, this may lead to some of the dumplings juice (during steaming process) to flow out, which can lead to the shapes of the dumplings to be flat.
  3. During final packaging stage, we filter our the broken dumplings to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality dumplings.  We don’t incur much in loss, but the very little loss we incur from filtering, we donate them!


So there you have it, now you know not all dumplings/postickers are made equal!